4 Positive Impacts of Facilities Management

The Building Life Cycle is the stages a building goes through from planning and conceptualization to its eventual decommissioning. Facilities Management is an essential part of the overall building life cycle. It plays a critical role in building ownership and operation. In this stage, data on different tasks and responsibilities that facilitate and ensure the effective and efficient operation of a building are recorded and implemented.

Facilities Management helps key stakeholders to ensure that a building is functioning at its best upon construction completion and down to maintaining the building while maximizing the value and longevity of its assets. This include:

1. Clear insight into the lifecycle and cost of all assets

Tracking major components in a building lets you know how much it costs to operate, when it requires maintenance or repair, and when to replace a part of an asset. Knowing the lifecycle of your assets minimizes downtime and eliminates undesirable factors that may have a long-term effect on the building.

2. Better retention of investment

Knowing when and how to maintain assets is much easier to manage maintenance budgets with predictable costs. Well-maintained buildings are usually more energy efficient and lead to further cost savings, better asset lifecycle, and retaining the value of the investment.

3. Easily managed maintenance and warranty

Having components maintained on a regular basis will guarantee the utilization of warranty service. Knowing when and who is responsible for the installation and maintenance of assets gives comfort, improves safety, and increases operational efficiency.

4. Providing a safe environment 

Having an asset management solution reduces the risk of safety hazards in buildings. In addition, it also reduces potential injuries from faulty components while ensuring compliance standards.

Facilities Management is an integral part of any infrastructure project. Whether you are the building owner or the occupant, it is best to have the right tool or technology partnered with professionals to help you ensure that your building is serving its maximum purpose for a long period of time.

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