Digitize, Integrate, & Manage Data in all Building Lifecycle Within a Single Unified Platform.

Stanza Technologies’ fully-integrated products and services aim to revolutionize the fragmented data and technology in the AECO sector.

Fast, Secure, & Integrated Data Warehousing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fully integrated with ChatGPT via Microsoft Copilot. This integration is seamlessly incorporated within the system.


AI Integrated Workflow

Fully integrates accumulated data in a single solution that would enable effective real-time data validation.

Secure Data Systems

Built with the foundation of accuracy and precision in real-time analytics through centralized data and decentralized inputs

No API Required

Reliable risk management system that houses core system functions of automatically validating planned and actual data.


Web & Mobile Capabilities

Discover Stanza's Cutting-edge Construction Management Platform

Streamline every process from pre-construction to closeout. Build with less risk and bigger profits.