Stanza is the catalyst of connected technology, data, and process.

Stanza Technologies fully integrated products and services aims to revolutionize the fragmented data and technology in the AECO sector. We drive the utilization of the best of breeds of design and construction software products and services for a more connected and smart design, engineering, construction, and building operation

Our Core Values

Open Technology and Data

Digital Leadership & Innovation

Data Integrity / Single Source Of Truth

Team Industry Roots

Founder Statement

We are committed in addressing these current challenges that the industry is facing. Apart from enveloping ourselves with dynamic and innovative solutions, our team are all rooted with decades of experience in the industry both coming from the AECO and ICT sector. That is why in building the craft of what our products and services represents, we understand the problems in the industry by heart. By this, we progressively developed our solutions in par with high quality of service that is targeted to custom fit what we offer on how client’s see its purpose. Our products are set to perform automated validation of data to achieve what was not possible with the current technology landscape of the built environment.

We thank you for your interest in Stanza Technologies and sincerely encourage you to have a look of our overall capabilities. All of us at Stanza Technologies are looking forward to work with you in the near future to achieve fully connected and integrated built environment!