Integrated Solution for Fragmented Data

Valideit effectively centralizes accumulated data in a single solution by using a fully integrated common data environment to support real-time validation and collaboration.

Increase productivity and efficiency with VALIDEIT for smoother collaboration through a fully integrated built environment.

Valideit offers a fully integrated Common Data Environment (CDE) technology application that unifies all digitalized construction project management data and activities. This system effectively aims to centralize accumulated data in a single solution that would enable real-time data validation and support the collaboration of project team managers toward the success of one project goal. 

Three key functions:

Unified Common Data Environment – Unified Common Data Environment is a centralized database where construction data is stored—improving the creation, sharing, and issuing of information that underpins the delivery of projects. In using a single centralized system, the collaboration between project members is enhanced, mistakes are reduced, and duplication is avoided. 

Automated Alert System – Automated Alert System is an automated message or notification which indicates predefined events or error conditions have occurred, and that immediate action is needed. Alerts allow team managers to collaborate quickly and efficiently by accessing critical information anytime and anywhere. 

Real-time Data – Real-time Data ensures that the information the team can access is accurate, as it is centralized to everyone with the most recent data without delay. This vital information can support managers and team members in making decisions for the project, as the data they are working with will be as current as possible.

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