4 Reasons why you should implement CDE in your construction projects.

Complex construction projects come with crucial data difficulties. Not only is there a huge volume of data, but there are also many different project teams each using their own technological tools which is a major handicap with implementing collaboration. As a result, manual data sharing is common, requiring valuable efforts,  countless time and resources that could be spent on more productive tasks, leading to errors that trigger design changes and construction reworks. By providing a unified view and single source of truth about each project, a common data environment (CDE) can help you rise to the challenges surrounding the built environment industry. Here are the 4 reasons why you should implement  CDE to your construction projects. 

  1. Accuracy – Project teams are working from the most recent information, in real-time, with a cloud based system that can be accessed on any device, thus avoiding any misunderstandings resulting in construction reworks or delays. 
  2. Efficiency – Data updates are made in real-time, reducing the time and effort required to cross check the current status of construction projects and save resources that can be used for more productive tasks. 
  3. Transparency – By adopting CDE, expenses can be easily managed by unifying all the different methods the stakeholders utilize. Assigning tasks, scheduling works and updating information all under one umbrella. 
  4. Accountability – CDE’s transparency will allow you to understand exactly how the project is progressing. It has a full audit history, at any time it can be seen who has done what within the system. Giving the management full control over who does what and sees what with the ability to choose how users are notified. 
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