A new era of Digital Construction (Unified Common Data and Technology)

Digital transformation has evolved in many ways in the past few years. In the construction industry, digital technology has served its purpose in progressing productivity, increasing efficiency, and reducing expenses. So the main question is: how will digital technology improve in the next decade?

For years, different developers have made various software in addressing concerns and challenges in the industry. But there is little to none in terms of software that addresses all or most of the problems. This is due to the “one problem, one solution” approach, which results in numerous fragmented solutions. Digital fragmentation is therefore unable to solve the limitations in the current construction industry. Solutions must be agile and versatile since the construction ecosystem is shifting towards unified software platforms to better serve clients’ needs. The industry needs a next generation solution which Stanza Technologies can certainly provide.

Stanza Technologies is a software and service provider with a main product called “VALIDEIT.” Valideit is a Unified Common Data Environment with Real-time Data and an Automated Alert System that significantly drives Total Risk Management. It is a fully-integrated web and mobile application that can identify potential project risks and delays. The software is composed of 8 main functions such as Document management, eSafety management, eQuality management, BIM management, Schedule management, Cost management, Mail management, and eProgress management.

Stanza Technologies integrates Valideit with its Unified Common Data Environment in solving the identified gaps that need to be addressed in the construction industry. The Unified Common Data Environment aims to fully centralize accumulated data in a single solution that would enable real-time data referencing and utilization.

With Stanza Technologies, anything is possible where quality products and services are certain. The company provides higher construction productivity and efficiency in developing next generation construction technology. One digital delivery, one service.

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