Digital Engineering Services

Stanza Technologies offers Digital Engineering Consultancy and Production Support Services helping companies deliver all their project BIM requirements. We support all varying types of levels of model development and details in all disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), Interior Design (ID) Architectural (AR), Civil and Structural (C&S) even rebar detailing. Quality of BIM model development and quality of digital engineering services all in one.

Effectively Connecting Virtual Design and Actual Construction in a Fully Integrated Process

BIM Production Support

  • BIM 3D / 2D – Helping organizations to develop necessary LOD and data-rich 3D to 2D BIM models in all project stages. Virtual Design Modelling (VDM), Virtual Construction Modelling (VCM), and Project Information Modelling (PIM). Design and Engineering Documentation Support.
  • BIM 4D – Develop impressive presentations that can fully captivate customers interest in showcasing construction simulations and sequencing which can be utilized for tender presentations, method statement dialogue, and progress updates to illustrate visual planned versus actual showcase.
  • BIM 5D – Develop essential standards and process for effective quantity extraction and integrated cost directly from the BIM model for progress payment certification and tracking.
  • BIM 6D – Establish suitable standards for efficient usage of BIM models for building operations and maintenance. Identify critical factors to effectively plan and implement 6D BIM aligned with your dedicated building management systems.​

BIM Systems & Strategy Development

  • BIM Management – Fundamental business catalyst for a successful BIM and digital execution across all project stages that engages all industry players to comply with essential Information Requirements specifications such as ISO 19650, BS1192, and all related local BIM guide. Develop EIR’s, BIM General Specifications, BIM Implementations, Execution Plans, and BIM Quality Management Strategy.
  • BIM Coaching – We specialize in building customized BIM and VDC training courses curriculum to address necessary skills gap within your company.

Digital Twin

  • We aim to provide development of digital Asset Information Model (AIM) that aims to be geometry light and data rich for effective building maintenance or facility management usage. Our value-added services drive usage of latest technology and processes that drives to perform 3D point cloud scanning and drone photogrammetry technology. We provide wide array of direct conversion of digital BIM models for any building management purpose.

VDC Services

  • Constructability Analysis – Facilitate management and resolution of all design discrepancies and clashes in all project stages for all multidiscipline virtual design and construction models to avoid potential abortive works and overall mitigation of any project risk.​
  • Maintainability Study – Facilitate virtual maintenance study before any actual site installation to justify maintenance provisions of design and construction models.​
  • Logistics Simulations and Safety Analysis – Facilitate virtual study of logistics coordination of proposed construction access and deliveries and how it impacts your construction sequence and cost. Identify the overall safety hazards and help to develop all safety provisions.​
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