Building Transformations Innovation Spotlight Publication Dinner 2024

Stanza Technologies recently had the privilege of attending one of the many events organized by Building Transformation – Innovation Spotlight Publication Dinner 2024, a notable event hosted by Building Transformations. The event highlighted the release of the organization’s annual Innovation Spotlight magazine, the event also allows industry professionals to converge, share insights, and celebrate technological advancements.

At the heart of this night of innovation were the thought-provoking discussions encapsulated in the Innovation Spotlight Publication. The articles, interviews, and white papers featured in the publication provided us with a roadmap for innovation, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to driving technological maturity within the industry.

As attendees, we were among the fortunate few to receive first hand hard copies of the publication. Conversations flowed as professionals from diverse backgrounds engaged in a lively exchange of ideas, forming new relationships that could shape our industry’s future.

The evening also marked a touching farewell to Gerry Lattmann, the Executive Director of Building Transformations, after an impressive 12-year tenure. Gerry’s departure, as he ventures into the film industry, provided an opportunity for attendees to express gratitude for his dedication to innovation. We at Stanza Technologies join in wishing him success in his new cinematic endeavors.

Beyond the celebration and farewells, the event carried a purpose close to our hearts. Profits from the evening will play a pivotal role in supporting the creation of the 2025 edition of the Innovation Spotlight Publication. This commitment to nurturing future innovations aligns seamlessly with our vision at Stanza Technologies, reinforcing our dedication to being at the forefront of transformative advancements within the building and infrastructure industry.

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