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The construction industry has evolved in many ways over the past years. As more people settled in cities, the scale of construction grew, and implementing these projects required various new technologies in order to manage expansion. From a single family home to giant skyscrapers, the construction industry has become increasingly focused on sustainability.

Digital transformation in construction is picking up, and will play a vital role in addressing sustainability and other persistent challenges in the built industry. Construction firms are adapting technology to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and make data driven decisions to avoid construction reworks. Today’s construction technology is upgrading, but there is no single solution to address all or most of the challenges. Digital fragmentation seems to have deficiencies in solving constraints in the current construction industry. The construction ecosystem needs a unified software platform in order to maximize production and cost reduction which Stanza Technologies can provide.

Stanza Technologies promotes connected construction where various project management amplifies technology that supports collaboration and information sharing through a Unified Common Data Environment. Gathering data in a single software which allows you to access information anytime, anywhere. Helping companies to achieve faster ROI, increase productivity and efficiency, reduce cost, and eliminate construction reworks.

Stanza Technologies provides next generation solutions to solve difficulties of today and the future, to inscribe the next chapters of digital construction, and to collaborate different teams throughout the project cycle solving construction sustainability. ONE PLATFORM, ONE DATA.

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