Why you should outsource BIM

Building Information Modeling or BIM, creates a digital projection of the layout of your design before its construction. It allows architects and engineers to make refinements and adjustments before getting on with the making of the structure. It is always advised to outsource BIM design requirements to specialized organizations with years of experience and industry knowledge that can provide the best practices and approaches to deliver and meet project requirements on time and in the most efficient way possible.

Outsourcing BIM allows project managers and members to focus and commit to developing and designing solutions through billable time. Working with a group of individuals with knowledge and expertise of the best methods gives clients the comfort of knowing they’re receiving the best-in-class standards and practices. Stanza Technologies offers BIM consultancy and production support services that fit clients’ needs best.

Digital engineering connects virtual design and actual construction in a fully integrated process through BIM systems, strategy development, and BIM production support. Stanza Technologies develops Employer’s Information Requirements (EIRs), BIM General Specifications, BIM implementations, and Execution Plans and recommends BIM Quality Management Strategy following the essential information requirements and specifications.

Stanza Technologies creates customized BIM and VDC training courses to address necessary skills gaps within the company. The training can be performed on-site and remotely through eTraining, depending on the client’s needs. The company also provides systems to implement all dimensions (2D/3D/4D/5D/6D) of BIM, VDC, and all its various levels of development (LOD).

BIM outsourcing can significantly impact organizations by finding processes that help increase production by setting standards, methods, and organized content in the most effective way in developing design output. Stanza Technologies provides next-generation technology and services to help organizations in the built industry to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively throughout the project life cycle. One digital delivery, one BIM.

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