The Importance of Facilities Management in the Built Environment Industry

Facilities management is an essential aspect of any construction project. Organizing and looking after all the plans, drawings, asset warranties, and other necessary documents for the build and having them ready to operate and maintain a building and its components throughout its life cycle will save you money in the long run. 

Huge amounts are invested in constructing a building with high-quality components. In some circumstances, if something breaks, it will cost a large amount of money to fix. On some occasions neither the manufacturer nor the installer wants to pay for it. This is why companies must have their own documentation in which there is traceability, to show whoever is liable for the problem. 

Facilities management is often overlooked but is a crucial step that acts like a final handover when the project is complete. It is vitally essential for the maintenance provider to know where and when maintenance should happen to prolong its lifespan and reduce the cost of possibly fixing it or replacing it. 

Facilities management helps increase value while mitigating risks. If done properly, it will provide numerous benefits including cost reduction and retention of value to the clients as they are able to maintain a building and prolong its life span.

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